Erosion Control / Wastewater / Spill Containment

Erosion Control Supply

Tacoma Screw Products, Inc. is now a full line Erosion Control Supply distributor. We offer a number of products for the use of Erosion Control in the Northwest. We offer competitive pricing along with jobsite delivery (Seattle/Tacoma Metro Area) for all of our erosion control products. We can also offer some onsite solutions. Please inquire with a sales representative about these services. All of our erosion control products are stored in a temperature controlled building to ensure exceptional quality!

In-stock Products:

  • Poly or Burlap Sandbags ( Full or Empty )
  • Washed Pea Gravel Bags
  • Straw Wattles
  • Wooden Stakes
  • Plastic Sheeting
  • Tarps
  • Poly Rope
  • Steel T-Posts
  • Super Bags (Full or Empty)

Erosion Control Supply

Erosion Control Supply

We also have access to the full line of UltraTech International Environmental Products. Please call to inquire about any of these products!

Erosion Control Supply

Their products include:

Erosion Control Supply
Spill Containment

Secondary containment for drums, tanks, equipment and vehicles. Products include: Drum Spill Pallets, IBC Spill Pallets, Spill Containment Berms, Spill Decks, Hard Top Spill Pallets, Railroad Spill Containment Systems, Containment Sumps, Utility Trays and many other spill containment products.

Erosion Control Supply
Stormwater Management

Stormwater management and erosion control products to keep pollutants out of the stormwater system. Products include: Drain Guards (Catch Basin Inserts), Curb Guards (Protection for Curb Inlets), Filter Socks, HydroKleen, Dewatering Bags, Gravel Bags, Stormwater Management Regulations and More!

Erosion Control Supply
Spill Response & Decon

Keep hazardous spills out of drains and sensitive areas. Products include: Spill Berms, Drain Seals, Absorbent Dispensers, Oil Mops, Response Shovels, Drain Plugs, Pop Up Pools, Decon Decks, Drum Tourniquets, Tanker Tourniquets, Overpacks, Shovels, and Repair Putt

Erosion Control Supply

Naturally occurring Microbes help bioremediate oil spills and other contamination. Oil-eating microbe products include: Microbe Shakers, Microbe Packets, Microbe Bulk Bags, and Microbe Booms. Microbes can also be used in conjunction with stormwater and oil spill response products.

Erosion Control Supply
Oil Spill Clean Up Solutions

Respond quickly and effectively to off-shore oil spills. Using Ultra-X-Tex material, UltraTech's oil spill products allow water to flow freely while capturing hydrocarbons. Products include: Oil Filter Booms, Oil Blankets, Spill Fence, Bulk Ultra-X-Tex, and Microbes.

Erosion Control Supply
Construction Compliance

Stormwater management and spill containment for construction sites. Products include: ADA Pads, Absorbent Tarps, Concrete Washout Filters, Concrete Washout Berms, Filter Pads, Paint Waste Collection Centers, Secondary Containment, Scissor Lift Diapers and Stormwater Management Products.

Erosion Control Supply
Facility Protection

Products to help protect and maintain plants, factories, restaurants, stores and other facilities. Products include: ADA Pads (truncated domes), cord covers / protectors, wall protectors, racking protectors, drip diverters, cigarette receptacles and post protectors

Erosion Control Supply
Radwaste & DOE

Products for radioactive waste storage and containment. Products include radwaste filters, macroencapsulation units, drum spacers, stainless steel cans, etc.

Erosion Control Supply
Waste Containers

A complete line of polyethylene overpacks. Products include 95, 65, 55, 30 and 20 gallon overpacks as well as environmentally friendly overpacks made with recycled material and wheeled overpacks for quick and easy spill response.

Erosion Control Supply
Cigarette Receptacles

A complete line of products to help keep walkways and doorways free of cigarette litter. Cigarette receptacle models include: the Classic Smoke Stop, Santa Fe (Cactus), Nautical (Buoy), Golf Ball, Soccer Ball, and Roman Wall Mount. There's a Ultra-Smoke Stop cigarette receptacle to complement any area!

Erosion Control Supply
Drum Funnels & Accessories
Drum top funnels and other drum related accessories. Products include: Bung Access Funnel, Burp-Free Funnel, Global Funnel, Open Head Funnel, Drum Lifter, Drum Tipper  and Vapor Lock.

Erosion Control Supply
Railroad Spill Containment

Capture hazardous spills from railroad tanker cars. Modular spill containment pans help contain spill from tanker cars and locomotives. All polyethylene spill containment units can be joined together to form a system of any length. Helps meet EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations.