Onsite Services

Our goal is to provide you with the "right inventory", at the "right place", at the "right time"

Tacoma Screw Products, Inc. will manage your inventory to the scale that you decide.

We are here to service and support your organization’s operations.

Over the past 66 years, Tacoma Screw Products, Inc. has built our business and reputation on long-term relationships with our customers. We understand that good business means that our customers are successful and prosperous. As a result, we have developed a unique philosophy and a method of doing business that distinguishes us from our competitors.

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What our On-Site solution can provide:

  • We can help you in reducing your parts costs associated with excess inventory, the losses due to shrinkage and “dead” stock.
  •  We can provide professional assistance to ensure that costly work stoppages, related to parts shortages, are minimized.
  • We can support your efforts toward increasing productivity, and lowering costs, by working together through a step by step systems approach to professional inventory management.

How our assistance program works:

  • First, a Tacoma Screw Products representative will visit your location to sit down with the appropriate staff members from your organization to evaluate your needs. From that point the representative will discuss with your team the solutions and options that will meet the needs of your operations.
  • Next, our non-commissioned Sales Representative will visit your location to clean, organize, and label your parts cabinets, drawers, and bins with bar-coded labels to house the parts we will be supplying. Each label lists the part number, description, and box quantity for the particular part. To replace damaged or inadequate cabinets, drawers, and bins to house parts we will be supplying, Tacoma Screw Products, Inc. stocks a complete line of attractive custom steel storage equipment.

Onsite Services

  • For locations that are not serviced by one of our representatives, we can offer other solutions such as our D.O.E.S. (direct order entry system). This allows customers to order Tacoma Screw’s products directly from your shop using a hand held scanning device. The device then submits the order directly to our Distribution Center for fulfillment. Please call and speak with a representative about this solution! *(Customers must meet certain criteria to be eligible for D.O.E.S program)